The Best Casino Apps for iPhone – All the Needed Information

Mobile gambling is growing in popularity, and some people are still wondering whether it is convenient to play on a mobile device and if it is possible to win at least a couple of bucks.

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Well, we can tell that playing on mobile devices is little by little replacing gambling from a desktop. Moreover, there are opinions that very soon, iPhone casino apps, their downloadable versions will be used more than desktops. There are several reasons that make us confident in it:

  • Mobile devices are sometimes even more advanced and functional than some desktops. It is a matter of fact, there is no need in discussion. The only drawback might be the size of a screen. A screen of a mobile is significantly smaller. However, it is not a huge issue once you get used to it.
  • Some casinos are still practicing such policy: the best offers go for a mobile version. At the dawn of mobile gambling, casinos were trying to do their best to attract players. Thus, they used to give particular bonus codes for gambling with the best casino apps for iPhone. Sometimes, players could get thousands of bucks without excessive obligations. There were cases when a welcome bonus in a mobile version was reaching 20,000 or even more USD. While in the case a gambler opens a normal account from a desktop, he/she could get just 100-200 USD as a welcome promotion.
  • In a real online casino iPhone or Android, free spins were given in a number that was complicated to be spent. While in the same casino desktop version, no free spins at all were available.

Such massive promotion led to the rapid growth of mobile apps popularity. Add the facts that you can play the best casino slots for iPhone wherever and whenever you want. Do you have a short break at work and want to spend it in a nice way? Use it for gambling! Who knows, maybe several next klicks will bring you your salary or maybe you will hit a jackpot and change your life forever.

Are you going on an important trip and your favorite casino is organizing a tournament? And you have been looking for the tournament for ages? Take your mobile device, make sure you have enough funds and your internet provider is good and has extensive coverage. Enjoy your tournament while traveling. Moreover, playing your favorite games will help you avoid boredom.

Are iPhone Casino Games Less Functional?

Some people still believe that even the best apps for iPhone cannot be compared in the functionality with the slots on a desktop. However, over are the times when it was the truth. Now, Android or iPhone casino games are fully-functional. They load fast, the sound and graphics are not worse, and in some casinos, are even significantly more impressive than on a desktop.

In one or another review, you can still find erroneous information about the functionality lack of paid or free casino games for iPhone. Here, one clarification is needed: the functionality might differentiate. It depends on the screen size, device specifics, and many more things. It is not worse, it might be different. And it is like this to make the experience more complete.

The Best Casino Apps for iPhone Are Found by the Best Casinos

When you are choosing the best app, one more confusion is waiting for you. There are hundreds of them! Thus, check those that are offered by the most reputable casinos. The best way is to choose a provider and then, to start using its app. Some of the best iPhone online casino real money apps are the following.

  • Casino Cruise: if you use this app, you will enjoy all the possible games there. Even the most complex games by Microgaming and NetEnt are available, in all their amazing functionality. One of the most amazing features is no doubt the availability of games with live dealers. And the quality will amaze you! it creates the feeling as if you are in a real casino.

The interface is just amazing, its convenience is a result of work of the best developers indeed. You can find any game even if you have never played anything like this before.

  • Leo Vegas Casino: its app is just amazing. If you want something of top-quality, LeoVegas is the thing for you. some players say that its mobile version is better than a desktop one, and we cannot disagree with it. LeoVegas has one of the most extensive slots and games libraries in the mobile market. More than 400 games can be played from your mobile. And if your aim includes promo codes, too, this is for sure your best choice.
  • Mr Green Casino: this app has won one of the most prestigious international awards, “Mobile Operator of the Year” in 2016. Then, some more awards followed, all of them are of international importance. It means something, doesn’t it?

Mr Green Casino is one of the best apps. Its intuitive interface allows finding just anything, even if you don’t know how to look for this “anything”. The quality is brilliant, this is not an exaggeration. What game would you like to gamble? Slots, all the possible types of them, table games, in all their variety, progressive jackpot games, with all those crazy winnings, live games, with a wonderful quality, and just all the rest of the games that don’t fall under any of the mentioned categories- everything is there. Thus, if you are looking for unforgettable positive experiences, Mr Green on mobile is the thing you need.

  • Jackpot City Casino: if you have made your decision for Jackpot City Casino on your iPhone, this is one of the best decisions in your life. More than 630 games can be played from any device. It is already the choice that not any casino can offer even on a desktop.

One more good thing about this app is that JackpotCity offers special bonuses for players from different countries. So, what about checking what is available for you? Consider though that players from different countries, say, from Canada and Australia, can have different promotions offered.

  • Casino Betway is one more app that you can use confidently if you want to gamble real casino slots for iPhone without doubts and hesitations. With its instant download, you can enjoy top-quality games almost immediately. Don’t worry about such routine procedures as funding your account, cashing out your millions – everything is available right there, from your mobile device.

Free play function is not available here though, at least without singing in. Thus, if Betway is your choice, consider creating an account first. You can do it either from your desktop or mobile, whatever is right now by hand. Further, you can login to the same account from any device without any troubles. Ups, we have almost forgotten one small detail: Betway offers around 100 games on mobile. So, if an immense variety is something that is important indeed for you, you might want to look for options.

How We Select the Best Apps for Mobile Gambling

These apps are here not just for a joke. We have researched thousands of them, those newer or older apps offered by different providers. These are selected based on the strictest criteria.

We check the license

It is absolutely irrelevant whether you are playing on your mobile device or a PC, the casino shall be licensed. It is impossible to imagine a situation when a casino is banned but it offers gambling on mobile devices via its app while claiming that its mobile version is permitted. Remember: a casino, whether you play it from a desktop or a mobile device, is a company, and it must have the needed license. And the license should be issued for the provision of gambling services, not any other services. If this is not the case, just forget about the casino, or we better call it a scammer.

Games from renown developers

This principle applies to any casino: if there are games from developers with a world-name, the casino is good. Microgaming, for instance, would never risk its reputation for the sake of gaining some thousands of dollars from a scammer. Thus, if the best developers work with the selected provider, you can trust the provider.

We check the functionality

A good app shall provide everything for a player to feel convenient. Games? The maximum of them shall be there. But most importantly, all of them shall have perfect graphics, the most realistic sound, they shall be super-fast in loading. Other options? Come on, of course you shall have all the possible payment options, customer support, and similar. If you are playing and feel that something is missing, and you need it, it is a sufficient reason to change the provider and, therefore, an app.

Payment options shall be sufficient for you to select something convenient. Players shall know though that there are big variations between funding options in different locations. In England might be available options that cannot be found in New Zealand. And if you play from Australia, you, most likely, will not be happy at all to see the absence of e-wallets.

Make sure that the provider isn’t too greedy. Excessive fees have never been a good sign, so, avoid them. Some casinos charge for every step even if you play on your mobile device. Think twice before committing to such a provider.

Bonuses are a must

Well, we don’t insist that every casino provides all those perks that spoil players so much. But if those promotions are available on a desktop, they shall be somehow represented in a mobile version, as well. We even don’t mention the fact that some casinos offer huge bonuses on a mobile while the same bonus types on a version for desktops are significantly reduced.

Customer support, just like in a traditional casino

If something happens, you shall know that there is a specialist to help out. Thus, customer support is there 24/7, they are knowledgeable enough to help out whatever happens, and they are patient enough to explain in a friendly way even the most evident things. Do you feel that this is not the case with your provider? Change the provider then. There is a plethora of them.

It depends on you whether you want to play

Finally, you are the only person who decides whether to play or not. No pressure is permitted! Neither positive nor negative pressure is allowed from the casino`s side. Do they insist that you shall register right now to get that amazing bonus? Come on, you decide what you do with your money, not somebody else. Are the company`s representatives molesting you to force you to register and make a deposit? Let the licensing body know about it and don’t forget to keep all the proofs. It will be a good lesson to the provider that doesn’t respect your rights. And only if you feel comfortable and safe, you can deposit money and have some fun.

Are You Still in Doubt? Don’t Hurry with Real Money Gambling, Try Gambling for Fun

There is one important thing that you shall know. There are apps that allow you to play for real cash. Also, there are apps for playing free casino games for iPhone. Thus, if you feel that you aren’t ready to invest some bucks for the sake of fun, download a free app. Only when you get some experience and see that you start winning more and more, you can try with real casino slots for iPhone.

One more tip can be useful if you decide to start your trip in the world of mobile gambling. Whenever it is possible, use all the opportunities that the mobile casino offers. If you find a no deposit code, for instance, it will help you to check many aspects of the casino`s work. In general, you can use an iPhone casino no deposit bonus even to win some money. Only then, if you like everything and want to continue with playing, you can make a decent deposit.  Only in such a case, your chances to win are realistic.